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Search Media Optimization (SMO)

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Facebook MarketingFacebook MarketingFacebook Marketing
Facebook Account Setup (If Required)Facebook Account Setup (If Required)Facebook Account Setup (If Required)
Instagram MarketingFB Profile DesignFB Profile Design
Instagram Set-Up (If Required)Instagram MarketingInstagram Marketing
Instagram Page CreationInstagram Set-Up (If Required)Instagram Account Set-Up (If Required)
Twitter MarketingInstagram Page CreationInstagram Plus Page Creation
Twitter Account Setup (If Required)Cover Photo CreationCover Photo Creation
Twitter Page CreationTwitter MarketingGoolge Plus Page Followers
Youtube MarketingTwitter Account Setup (If Required)Twitter Marketing
You Tube Channel Creation (If Required)Twitter Page CreationTwitter Account Setup (If Required)
Image OptimizationTwitter Profile DesignTwitter Page Creation
Pinterest Account Setup (If Required)Youtube MarketingTwitter Profile Design
Create BoardsYou Tube Channel Creation (If Required)Youtube Marketing
Off Page And Other ActivitiesYou Tube Background DesignYou Tube Channel Creation (If Required)
Content Posting Video OptimizationYou Tube Background Design
Social BookmarkingImage OptimizationVideo Optimization
Client Communication And Report For All PackagesPinterest Account Setup (If Required)Video Submission
Monthly ReportInstagram Account Setup (If Required)Image Optimization
Social Activities MonitoringCreate BoardsPinterest Account Setup (If Required)
Profile Improvement Off Page And Other ActivitiesInstagram Account Setup (If Required)
Customer Support (Email, Chat & Telephone)Content Posting Create Boards
BOOK NOWBlog Account SetupOff Page And Other Activities
Blog PostingContent Posting 
Blog Post Social BookmarkingBlog Account Setup
Social BookmarkingBlog Posting
Client Communication And Report For All PackagesBlog Post Social Bookmarking
Monthly ReportSocial Bookmarking
Social Activities MonitoringClient Communication And Report For All Packages
Profile Improvement Monthly Report
Customer Support (Email, Chat & Telephone)Social Activities Monitoring
BOOK NOWProfile Improvement 
Customer Support (Email, Chat & Telephone)